Someone made a working guitar out of IKEA furniture


Someone actually made a working guitar out of recycled IKEA furniture and it’s sick. “The guitar started out as a joke,” YouTuber tchiks guitars says and told his wife, “I’m going to make a guitar out of Zoe’s old bed,” and then he did.

The idea for this guitar came to the YouTuber while he was making a replica of Brian May’s Red Special, which he says will be his next YouTube video. While working on the Red Special he began to wonder how he could “design and build a guitar from scratch, using only what is available around me”. Everything from the guitar body to the neck to the knobs is made from IKEA furniture.

The neck of the guitar is made from his daughter’s crib, a STUVA bed, the body of the guitar is made from a HENRIKSDAL chair and the LACK shelf while the neck is made from a MALERAS picture ledge. The YouTuber made the buttons from an APTILIG cutting board, the outlet jack plate from a LILANGEN door handle, and the strap buttons from a KALLAX insert button.

The only thing Tschik Guitars bought for this guitar was the pickup. One of the comments on his YouTube video says “they should mass produce them and sell them at Ikea. Absolutely brilliant.” Watch how the guitar built entirely from IKEA furniture was made and hear how awesome it sounds below.

Someone made a working guitar out of IKEA furniture

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