Tesla has quietly launched a new trailer with solar panels (and Starlink) to increase the overall range of your electric vehicle


It’s not quite like Tesla to do anything without fanfare, but at the IdeenExpo in Hanover, Germany, the electric vehicle giant unveiled a prototype of another product they’re working on – a trailer. which attaches to the back of your electric vehicle, with a fold-out solar panels and batteries that help extend the range of your electric vehicle. Presumably designed for the Cybertruck (given that it’s more specifically designed for the outdoors), the trailer also comes with a SpaceX Starlink internet hotspot, helping to extend internet connectivity as well as your Tesla’s overall range capability.

Designer: Tesla

These images are from Twitter user Tesla Adrian, which kind of broke the story, given that it happened at a lesser-known exhibition in Germany. There’s no official name for this contraption, although calling it Tesla Solar Range Extending Trailer seems to encompass exactly what the device does. Just looking at the image above, it’s pretty clear that this car accessory is just plain massive. It’s the size of a fairly large trailer, and the kind you’d feel more comfortable hooking onto the back of a Cybertruck rather than a slim, lean Model 3. The trailer sports a set of fold-out solar panels that charge a massive battery pack underneath. This can, in turn, be used as an additional power source for your EV, extending its overall range. Visitors were also quick to notice that the trailer also featured a built-in SpaceX Starlink satellite internet receiver, giving you a seamless internet connection no matter where you are on the globe. Sounds like the ultimate off-road camping accessory if you ask me. Or something a prepper would buy.

“It’s unclear why Tesla built the trailer and unveiled it at the show, but the automaker isn’t expected to sell it to the public anytime soon. If it’s all 300W panels (and they look a little small for that), then the optimum power would be 2.7kW. That means it would generate less than 50 miles of range per day extended or one-third of that folded,” reported Electrek in their cover. It is speculated that this prototype was designed more like an easter egg designed to attract visitors, rather than actually projecting corporate intent. However, only time will tell. I’m still waiting for the Roadster that Elon announced almost 5 years ago…

Pictures via Tesla Adrian


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