The CNY family’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” LEGO objective will count towards the official set


A central New York City family’s LEGO replica from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ received enough votes to be considered an official LEGO set.

Jason Middaugh, of Marcellus, NY, designed “It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life” with his 13-year-old daughter, Jane, to celebrate the film’s 75th anniversary. The creation reached the goal of 10,000 fan votes on Official LEGO ‘Product Ideas’ Site Friday; LEGO says it will consider producing official versions of any submission that garners 10,000 supporters.

“Welcome to the 10K club! Your project will now be reviewed by our experts, ”says the website of the brick construction company.

The set includes a replica of the Granville House from the 1946 film, where each floor can be pulled out to view memorable scenes including the Christmas tree (and bell) in the living room and the “George Lassos the Moon Drawing” On the second floor. It also includes the famous truss bridge where George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) plans to kill himself; George’s car; a sign saying “You are now in Bedford Falls”; and action figures of the entire Bailey family (George, Mary, Pete, Tommy, Janie and Zuzu) with Mr. Potter in a wheelchair and the angel Clarence.

Jason Middaugh, of Marcellus, NY, and his daughter Jane created a LEGO replica of the 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the holiday movie’s 75th anniversary, in hopes of turning it into an official LEGO set. The design includes figurines of George Bailey, Mr. Potter and the Angel Clarence.

Middaugh said | The Post-Standard that he and his daughter are big fans of Christmas movies, including the Frank Capra classic. They started the project just for fun, but then got serious after visiting the It’s A Wonderful Life museum near Seneca Falls, NY, which bills itself as the “real Bedford Falls” that inspired much of the movie. .

“We went to visit the museum and said we built this (version of the Bailey Brothers loan building) and kind of loaned them out and the response was so overwhelming,” Middaugh recalls. “We went back to the drawing board and created the house from the movie, the bridge and all the characters. “

Conception took a few weeks, but about six months to fully achieve. He and his daughter started out with a “tester,” first building the set using the LEGO bricks they had at home as a proof of concept.

“And if that works, LEGO has software that can help you build the structure and that will help you figure out all the parts you would need,” Middaugh said.

Then they used the website, where people sell individual LEGO pieces from their own collections, to get all the pieces needed to fully realize their vision. They end up making multiple copies of the design, donate one to the It’s A Wonderful Life museum and keep one for themselves as they submitted it to LEGO Ideas last winter.

This is a wonderful life lego set

Jason Middaugh, from Marcellus, NY, and his family visit the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls, considered the inspiration for the fictional Bedford Falls in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

“It was definitely a learning experience,” he said. “It’s a lot more of a logistical exercise than people think. “

If LEGO approves the design, Middaugh will be invited to work with the official LEGO designers to finalize the set and make it an official product available in stores.

He and his daughter Jane once tried to make a LEGO replica of the “A Christmas Story” house where Ralphie asks for a Red Ryder BB pistol (“you’re gonna shoot yourself, kid!”) – floor lamp included! – in the 1983 holiday film. The design got over 10,000 signatures in 2017, but was not approved due to licensing issues, Middaugh said.

Other LEGO sets that have been approved and made available in stores after being submitted by fans include designs inspired by “Ghostbusters”, “Friends”, “Seinfeld” and “Home Alone”.

“It would be pretty amazing to have an official, locally designed LEGO set,” Middaugh said.


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