The Jerusalem House of Quality presents the exhibition “Yoffi shel Israel”


The Jerusalem House of Quality is an art center that promotes unique and distinctive artists and crafts in Jerusalem. The works created by its artists have been exhibited at the Israel Museum, the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, the Tel Aviv Museum and other museums nationwide and around the world.

In its workshops, 35 artists create works of art in fields as diverse as contemporary Judaism, ceramic design, glass art, goldsmithing, painting and drawing.

Each year, the Jerusalem House of Quality Gallery hosts 15 rotating exhibitions. In addition, the house organizes guided tours for the general public on the theme of the humorous works of art of Jerusalem as well as the surprising history of Jerusalem. The gallery is located in a charming historic building that was once the Hospital of Saint-Jean de l’Ordre de l’Hospitalier. Mysterious symbols of English nobility, centuries-old Armenian ceramics, a replica of an ancient silver parchment and other surprises await visitors.

Since most of Jerusalem’s arts graduates leave the city, the Jerusalem House of Quality is dedicated to retaining excellent artists in Jerusalem. As part of efforts to attract artists to stay and create in Jerusalem, we are launching a competition with prizes for young artists who stay in the city. The first prize winners will have their works on display at the Israel Museum for one month. The house also initiates joint projects such as concerts, book launches and design exhibitions with cultural institutions and entrepreneurs in Jerusalem.

We are delighted to welcome the Yoffi shel Israel project to promote Israeli art created by immigrant artists from Russia in an exhibition of paintings at the House of Quality in Jerusalem. The images will be displayed on postcards as an intimate and personal bond between the painter and those who see them.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (credit: courtesy)

The poet Alexander Penn, who made his aliya from Russia, wrote: “And only the snow over there was so white, so white, and here it is so blue that it touches the soul. The choice of themes, colors and painting techniques of these immigrant artists is the exhibition of their intimate and personal dialogue with Israel, its landscapes and its culture.

We hope that viewers will see themselves as the recipients of these postcards and the messages they convey.

The writer is the managing director of the Jerusalem House of Quality.

Yoffi shel Israel is open to the public at the Jerusalem House of Quality, 12 Hebron Road in Jerusalem, until November 15. It is backed by Russian-Israeli businessman Roman Abramovich and is a joint venture of Yoffi and The Jerusalem post. The event is organized by Skizza, which is a cultural center for Russian-speaking Israelis.


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