The Pizza Hut Matchbox Car Set includes a 2006 Golf V GTI Sweet


Yes, Pizza Hut has a vacation site called where the company sells themed pajamas, ornaments and replica glasses to match the experience I remember as a kid. As far as I’m concerned, however, the Matchbox set is the star. Complete with a 1:64 version of the small, 200 horsepower pocket rocket and a miniature restaurant, this is a creative take on a miniature car set.

Unfortunately, it is sold out at the moment. Pizza Hut originally made 1,000 of them, and fans and collectors lucky enough to get their hands on one the first week bought it for $ 8.99. Fear not, as the initial launch was just an Early Access teaser; if you can wait until January, you can find them in some stores like Best Buy, CVS, TJM, and Fred Meyer.

The fact that Pizza Hut chose the Golf GTI 2006.5 gives it a passionate edge. This sedan came standard with a 2.0 turbo and six-speed manual transmission, and it sold for around $ 20,000; Golf is a perennial favorite for collectors.

“The thought process was to include a car that reflects modern reality,” a spokesperson told me. “Matchbox brings lifelike vehicles to life, and their design team landed on the 2006 Golf V GTI after carefully reviewing the common delivery vehicles that are on the streets today. Collectors and kids alike love the cast of GTI and the blazingly fast time to sale reflects that. “

So do an IOU for yourself, for now, and you can get one in 2022. If you were one of the first buyers of the first 1000 sets, I have a feeling those will be items. of collection and a little more precious in ten years. If you can refrain from playing with it.

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