VIP Completions unveils the ultimate private jet renovation in a customized VIP Boeing 767


ft. LauderdaleA company specializing in bespoke aircraft oversaw the complete redesign and installation of the project, using high-end luxury brands and state-of-the-art technology

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VIP Achievements, a provider of bespoke aircraft completion, design and refurbishment services, is proud to announce the company’s most recent project: the complete interior and exterior refurbishment of a Boeing 767 VIP. The impressive private jet, which seats 33 people and sleeps 17, features premium luxury brands and state-of-the-art technology.

The plane belongs to a client, entrepreneur, businessman, lawyer and philanthropist, John H. Ruiz. Mr. Ruiz is the founder and CEO of digital consumer healthcare tool, LifeWallet and its parent company, MSP Recovery, the national leader in healthcare reimbursement recovery, data analytics and of technology. He is also the founder of the law firm MSP Recovery, owner of the legendary boat manufacturer, Cigarette Racing Team, founder of NIL TIME IS NOW, the leading national athletic name image and likeness platform, founder of LumiSea , marine channel marker technology company and founder. LuminSea offshore motorboat races. Mr. Ruiz will use the luxury aircraft for business and personal purposes.

VIP Completions customers, such as the owner of the customized Boeing 767 VIP, entrust the ft. Lauderdalein Montreal to manage their aircraft refurbishment projects from A to Z. Many, including the said owner, own multiple aircraft and are looking for a team of trusted experts to deliver a turnkey project of the highest caliber. The VIP Completions team takes care of everything from finding the aircraft, inspecting it and negotiating the transaction, to importing the aircraft and coordinating any required maintenance, as well as designing complete, interior renovation and exterior painting.

Beyond its size and the potential it offers, the 767 stands out from other wide-body VIP platforms with its impressive range, altitude and speed capabilities, capable of flying easily from Miami for London and well in Europe with almost 12 hours of flight. Upon delivery, the nearly 2,000 square foot jet will look more like a luxury home than a business jet. This is the fifth project that VIP Completions has undertaken for Mr. Ruiz. Previously, he has refurbished a Citation X, a Gulfstream GIVSP and a Gulfstream G550 – aircraft that the customer continues to own and operate. The fifth project, the refurbishment of a Sikorsky S-92A helicopter, is underway.

The 767 project, which lasted six months, is a showcase of interior design vision and personalization. The exceptional degree of personalization reflects the character and passions of the client. The overall ambience is bright and modern. Colors include light gray, off-white, taupe, and sand. The project used ‘hydrodipping’, an innovative process to paint/veneer the woodwork and cabinetry. Cabin accessories and soft goods are sourced from high-end luxury brands including Loro Piana and leather loft. All passenger touchpoints – high-speed internet, Alto Aviation premium HD audio system and full-spectrum LED lighting – are state-of-the-art, controlled by a custom iPad-compatible cabin management system.

Newly refurbished luxury Boeing 767 from VIP COMPLETIONS

In addition to the interior renovation, the project included a complex exterior paint job. The aircraft’s exterior features a bold, modern color scheme – black, white and pearl with refined accents including a carbon fiber effect on the engine cowlings. Only the highest quality paints and other raw materials manufactured by world-class companies were used in the project. The VIP Completions team also identified and upgraded systems to ensure the aircraft is ready for ever-changing regulatory requirements. VIP managed all aspects of next-gen compliance for the aircraft.

Newly refurbished luxury Boeing 767 from VIP COMPLETIONS

The spacious floor plan features six separate living areas, plus four restrooms. Design highlights include:

  • Entrance : Illuminated wall art and white onyx veneers make a bold statement to anyone who boards this plane.
  • Main passage: The flooring is an elegant RedRock wool and silk custom rug with a dark gray pattern. It is the same floor covering that Mr. Ruiz chose for Gulfstream renovations, creating an aesthetic coherence between the planes.
  • Cabin 1/Bedroom: A large upholstered headboard and elegant details including leather-lined cabinets.
  • VIP toilets 1 and 2: Full standing showers, sand colored Ultraleather cabinet tops, Techno Aerospace wood flooring and crystal white marble vanity countertops.
  • Cabin 2/Private saloon: A personalized L-shaped sofa with fabrics and cushions from Loro Piana and sand-colored coffee table.
  • Main Salon/Entertainment Area: A custom U-shaped sofa, a coffee table with a large cushion around it that converts into an ottoman, an 80-inch home theater and a DJ station plug-in that connects to the ALTO Aviation Premium cabin audio system audiophile caliber.
  • Main living room/dining room: A custom seven (7) person dining table with Ultraleather leather trim.
  • Conference room: Two custom tables that seat eight (8) people in total to get down to business or when additional dining space is needed.

“It was the biggest project in the history of our company,” continues Bin Chirazi, President, VIP Complements. “It involved hundreds of technical and aesthetic choices that came together to create something as unique as John’s character and life story. This aircraft is at the pinnacle of aviation customization. We are immensely proud of this work, which places us among a small group of aviation professionals worldwide capable of delivering unique flight experiences and making customers’ dreams come true.”

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