Why Brown is the Home Decor Color of 2022


Color psychology – or how different shades affect our emotional being – states that humans feel a sense of security when surrounded by brown. Why? Its associations with the earth: the soothing and resilient element that literally keeps us grounded.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that after two whole years of pandemic uncertainty, brown is enjoying a massive resurgence in home decor and home decor. The ultra-chic Fasano Fifth Avenue in New York called on Thierry Despont to dress up its luxurious private club in the caramel tones of Loro Piana. “The warm color palette we have chosen not only plays on the cozy intimacy of the Fasano Fifth Avenue environment, but also complements Fasano’s already famous concept of hospitality, refined and warm at the same time”, said said Andrea Natal, the general manager. vogue.) Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral d’Arje covered their Greenwich Village apartment in terracotta tones, then launched a cult home brand earlier this year in the same aesthetic. In Los Angeles, Bode used lots of walnut cabinetry in its new Melrose Avenue boutique. During this time, several leading interior designers, including Danielle ColdingAthena Calderone, Justina Blakeney and Mark D. Sikes—named it as a color to kiss vogueThe annual report on interior design trends.

“Everyone wants to feel close and comforted by the earth, whether it’s organic brown linen for a family room couch or rich chocolate silk velvet on wing chairs for a living room,” said Sikes said. vogue. Recently, Sikes decorated a living room in Chicago with chocolate brown lacquer walls and ivory details. (“Chicest room ever,” he notes.)

Another factor that contributes to brown’s appeal? The rise of warm minimalism. Too often, minimalism – or the interior art of simplicity in form and color – has been interpreted as all-white: white sofas, white walls, white accents. Beautiful, yes, but also austere. And since the pandemic has forced everyone to sit at home staring at their walls, that monochromatic aesthetic was the last thing many of us wanted. Enter brown: a comforting color but which can still be integrated into a neutral and refined palette appreciated by followers of minimalism. “I think people are looking for a new ‘old’ neutral,” says Colding. Fellow interior designer Jake Arnold, director of Studio Jake Arnoldagrees: “My motto is always brown, never gray. Shades of brown bring warmth, earth and calm that feel timeless and grounded,” he says.


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