You can build this adorable Peel P50 for $13,700


Do you remember the Peel P50? This tiny blue single-seater driven by Jeremy Clarkson Top of the line? Well, now you too can drive clumsily in the background of live newscasts in your very own microcar, as a UK company is now offering low-cost, build-it-yourself electric replicas of the P50.

While genuine ’60s cars now apparently cost six figures, these reproductions can be had for around the same or less than some of the cheapest new cars available today. Those of you with ripping skills can even opt for a build-your-own version of the three-wheeler.

According to the sellers of the “world’s smallest car”, less than 30 real Peel P50s still exist, which means they are very expensive. For the UK equivalent of around $13,700, however, you can get a fairly accurate “tribute” to the P50 with a “high torque DC motor”, disc brakes and a top speed of 30mph. A Turbo model around $18,000 boosts the top speed to 50 mph, while a limited-edition four uses a German-made DKW petrol engine that can reach 41 mph. The company also makes 50 open-top Cabrio versions for buyers who want to go fast enough in what is, at this point, effectively a Power Wheel.

As for the self-assembled P50 kits, buyers can choose between electric and gas, with the latter reportedly having over 50 miles of range. The petrol version does not come with an engine but would be designed for grinders ranging from 49cc to 125cc.

Those looking to carry a passenger on their microcar adventures can opt for an electric replica version of the Peel Trident, a two-seater microcar whose design feature is a delightful bubble greenhouse.

Gas prices may calm down a bit lately. But if you’re looking for, you know, a more efficient car to have in your back pocket (that’s about as literal as that phrase will get in the context of cars) in case the pendulum swings the other way again , a Personal Peel is probably one of the more interesting options.

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